PyXWF – eXtensible Web Framework Documentation

Welcome to the documentation of PyXWF, an extensible web framework for Python. It is written in pure python, using the lxml and WebStack libraries.

To learn more about PyXWF, please have a look at the official PyXWF page.

Hints on notation

Throughout the documentation, we’ll be talking about XML nodes and attributes. XML nodes are referenced by <ns:name /> or ns:name, where ns: is the namespace prefix (if any) and name is the local-name of the Node. XML attributes are referenced by @ns:name, with ns: and name having the same meanings as before.

Some namespaces are used commonly with PyXWF and thus have some prefixes we consider default and useful:

  • h: maps to, the XHTML namespace.
  • py: maps to, the namespace for PyWebXML documents.
  • site: maps to, the namespace for sitemap.xml files.

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