PyXWF.Templates – XSL transformation based templating

A basic XSLT template implementation.

class PyXWF.Templates.Template(site, filename)[source]

Baseclass for templating, which is not bound to XSLT yet. It provides some shared mechanims, like being file-bound and a finalization method which does the final transformation (including PyXWF specific transformations which are provided by the Site object).

final(ctx, document, license_fallback=None)[source]

Do the final transformation on document. This includes adding keywords and author information, setting up the title, loading crumbs, replacing local links and more.

class PyXWF.Templates.XSLTTemplate(site, filename)[source]

A specific templating implementation which uses XSLT as backend.

class PyXWF.Templates.XSLTTemplateCache(master, rootpath)[source]

A FileSourcedCache which is specialized for XSLTTemplate instances.

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