rfc6120 – Stanza payloads for RFC 6120 implementation

This module contains XSO-related classes for implementation of RFC 6120.

class aioxmpp.rfc6120.BindFeature(*args, **kwargs)[source]

A stream feature for use with nonza.StreamFeatures which indicates that the server allows resource binding.


This attribute is either an instance of Required or None. The former indicates that the server requires resource binding at this point in the stream negotation; None indicates that it is not required.

User code should just test the boolean value of this attribute and not worry about the actual types involved.

class aioxmpp.rfc6120.Bind(jid=None, resource=None)[source]

The IQ payload for binding to a resource.


The server-supplied JID. This must not be set by client code.


The client-supplied, optional resource. If a client wishes to bind to a specific resource, it must tell the server that using this attribute.

class aioxmpp.rfc6120.Required(*args, **kwargs)[source]

The XSO used for the BindFeature.required attribute.